Letting Go. Painting. Treenuh Art. Trina Hall. New York. Feather. Button. Wax. Pure Pigment. Lin-Manuel Miranda Candle. Alex Gandy.

Letting Go by Treenuh
Mixed Media 8×10

I love making pieces that have multiple layers because you never know when they are done.  Sometimes you take a big risk of “ruining” a piece if you cover up something beautiful with something a little too weird but part of my creative process is allowing whatever unfolds to unfold and learn to appreciate it and love it (a mirror image for my life). I love making pieces that take time and have a quality of the very moment in which they were created.

This piece began with a drawing and then I added a layer of yellow pure pigment mixed with an iridescent pure pigment that I adore.  I light a candle every time I begin work in my studio and after being in here all day, the 3-wick candle had a substantial amount of wax so I poured it over the canvas as the next layer.  I love how wax is smooth then suddenly hardens as it cools.  When I work with wax, I have to work quickly. lincandle

When I write in my studio, I light a Lin-Manuel Miranda candle that my friend, Alex, gave me.  The yellow wax provided the next layer and I poured it into the gaps from the previous wax sitch and tilted the canvas to allow the stream of yellow wax to roll and flow through the crevasses.  Candlelight is one of my favorite things in life and I love how it sets a mood or helps a ritual of some kind.

Next, I applied coffee grinds and they adhered to the places that were still moist.  The final piece before my signature is the feather and it is probably the one I like the most out of all the ones I’ve collected over the years.  Feathers are important to me because my mom told me after my grandpa died that anytime I see a feather on my path, it means Grandpa is watching over me and telling me I’m on the right path.  I had a debate on whether or not I should put it on any piece and I realized I needed to let go.  When it came time to choose the button for my signature, I found one of the more unique ones and had another mental conversation about letting it go – is THIS is right one? Should I save this one for another piece? The second-guessing could have gone on long enough where I talked myself out of using it when I was initially inspired to do so.  So I let go of that button.

That’s what this whole piece was about for me: letting go.  Letting go of ideas or thoughts that don’t support the future you envision for yourself is an important part of growth.


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