My Studio. Trina Hall. Art. Church. New York. Painting.

img_0658My studio is across the street from an old church and they renovated it most of this past year.  Workers were giving care to its aged stone and wood, seemingly pouring their talent and love into every pore of the building almost every day.  I came home from a series of trips to find they had taken down the scaffolding and the church’s new facade was revealing itself to the elements.  Thankfully, their skills left the church aesthetically the same but made it structurally more sound.

Sometimes I find myself looking out the window at the bell tower that has sounded for every marriage that began in its womb.  It makes me think of how many people have gone to this church to lay down their burdens and give themselves to a higher power.  They’ve lifted their voices in song for hundreds of years and the collective echo of all those hearts still rings.  This is why I love painting across from this exquisite structure.  To me, it represents hope.  It represents an elevated consciousness.  It represents love.  It represents peace.  I feel like this church has so much wisdom to offer and I hope this year allows me to open myself more to what it’s saying.




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